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 You Axed For It… Walk-In’s Welcome!
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NEW! Archery Walk-ins, at BOTH locations! $20/hr/person

How Walk-Ins Work…

  • No minimum group size
  • No booking required (however, follow our set walk-in schedule)
  • Axes & Knives or (NEW)Archery
  • Shared Lanes with other STRYKE Guests
  • Set Hours / Scheduled Hours Only
  • 1 Hour in Length
  • Pay Per Person

Cost: $20/HR/PERSON

Much like a gym you can come and go as you please within the set hours.

Guests will use shared space with other throwers, as space is shared a STRYKE Coach will make sure everyone gets equal use.

They will help newbies and veterans with safety protocol and tips and tricks to become a marksman.

UPGRADE: $40/HR + $10/person

Want to have lane exclusivity for just you and your friends by the hour? Ask for an upgrade and we’ll issue you a custom score sheet with recommended challenges for maximum engagement and FUN!


Packages of Walk In Sessions$95.00 includes HST
Packages of 10 Walk In Sessions$175.00 includes HST
SAVE UP TO $25.00 when pre-purchasing WALK IN PASSES.
Eligible for Walk In activities. See schedule for available Walk In posted schedule.
*10 Session Walk-In Pass is eligible for complimentary 1 hour walk-in session!*

Spaces are not guaranteed and check this page often to ensure walk-ins are accepted at the time you want to stop in as times may change with minimum notice.

Consistent Axe & Knife Throwing Walk-In Times:

Brampton Weekdays 1pm-4pm & Fridays 6pm – 10pm [last hour of play 9pm] & Saturdays 4pm – 10pm [last hour of play 9pm]
Toronto Weekdays 1pm-4pm & Fridays 6pm – 10pm 
[last hour of play 9pm] & Saturdays 4pm – 10pm [last hour of play 9pm]

Check Schedule at the bottom of the page as the times are always being updated on-the-fly! [UPDATED EVERY MONDAY or TUESDAY the week of].

Consistent Archery Walk-In Times:

Brampton &Toronto Monday – Fridays 1pm – 4pm [last hour of play 3pm]
ARCHERY is not available on weekends for walk-ins.

Want the Ultimate STRYKE Experience?

You can have the appetizer, but why not go for the full course meal?

STRYKE offers Private Bookings for you and your friends to get the ultimate STRYKE experience!

Private Bookings Include…

  • Personal Coach(es) for our typical 2.5 – 3 hour booking
  • Personal Lanes
  • Play Games + Competitions in each event
  • Choose 1 Event for 2.5 – 3 hours ($45)  Options: Archery / Axe Throwing / Knife Throwing
  • Choose 3 Events for 2.5 – 3 hours ($56) Options Include: Archery / Axe Throwing / Knife Throwing / Air Guns
  • Crown a Champion at the end of your Event(s).

The Private Booking experience is non-comparable.

Our atmosphere that is created by our Amazing Coaches, as well as you and your friends while engaging in friendly competition is truly unique!

We know that you’ll have the best experience at STRYKE because we ensure Safety Protocols are maintained, as well as keeping things exciting and fun!

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