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Where are you located?

We have TWO locations. Our main location in Brampton (LLBO) & our electric Toronto location!

Brampton, ON: 240 Clarence Street, Unit #5, L6W 1T4

Toronto, ON: 738 Dundas Street East, M5A 2C3

Where do we park?

Parking at the Brampton location 240 Clarence Street is FREE. There is lots of space available shared in the lot.

Parking at the Toronto location 738 Dundas Street East:
> Limited street & public Parking Dundas & Sumach
> Also available GREEN P Parking 573 & 653 Gerrard St. E. and 136 & 111 Broadview Ave.

Can we drink at your facilities?

You are allowed to buy alcohol at our Brampton location (LLBO). It is illegal for “BYOB” events, unless your group has obtained a Special Occasions Permit (Toronto only) and correctly follow the procedures at our Toronto Location.

Is there Heating & Air Conditioning?

Yes both of our facilities have Heating & Air Conditioning!

How many lanes are at each facility?

Brampton (10,000 sq. ft.)
Axe / Knives : 12 lanes
Archery : 5 lanes (can be extended to 7 for facility rentals)
Air Guns : 1-2 lanes

Toronto (5,000 sq. ft.)
Axe / Knives : 9 lanes 
Archery :
 2- 3 lanes
Air Guns : 1-
2 lanes

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knife throwing toronto

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Visit Us At

240 Clarence Street, Unit #5

Brampton, ON

L6W 1T4

738 Dundas Street East

Toronto, ON

M5A 2C3



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