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Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes we require two weeks advance notice of cancellation for a full refund. If you cannot make an event scheduled less than two weeks away you can reschedule at no additional cost. Cancellations within 48 hours of scheduled event times will not be refunded. Please provide us two days notice prior to your event if your group size changes from what you originally booked for. We reserve the right to retain your security deposit if your group size is less than what you booked for without any notice.

Do you have firearms or can I bring my own firearms to STRYKE?

STRYKE Brampton and STRYKE Toronto are NOT gun ranges and firearms are NOT permitted on premise. Crossbows are also NOT permitted on premise.   

What are your hours?

STRYKE is open by appointment only and on specific days in co-ordination with bookings, WALK-INS for Axes & Knives only. Book your private event and we will be ready for you. If a time slot is not available on our website, you can also double check by calling 1-855-4-STRYKE between the hours of 12pm-12am during Weekdays & 10am-12am on Weekends.

Where can I park at your locations?

Parking at the Brampton location 240 Clarence Street is FREE. There is lots of space available shared in the lot.

Parking at the Toronto location 738 Dundas Street East:
> Limited street & public Parking Dundas & Sumach
> Also available GREEN P Parking 573 & 653 Gerrard St. E. and 136 & 111 Broadview Ave.greenparking

How do I book a range for an event?

Visit http://stryke.ca/book-a-range/
Click on the event you want to book.
Select your group size. [Even numbers are displayed, however, pick the larger number of projected expected attendees] In the instance your group size fluctuates, more or less after booking, please contact us to indicate the change. 
Select the location; Brampton [LLBO] or Toronto
Cycle through the calendar to pick the date, and select either the; Morning; Afternoon or Evening
Pick the time slot.

If you haven’t created a profile yet, this is where/when you do that. A deposit will be required to secure a booking.

How much does it cost?

Our standard event costs $39.82 a person ($45 a person including Tax) with a minimum group size of 4 for a single activity event(Archery, Axes, or Knives). For a multiple activity event (Tour De Stryke) the standard event charge is $49.56 a person ($56 a person including tax)

* Air Guns cannot be done in a single activity option.

How do I pay?

A $100.00 deposit is taken at the time of your booking online ($113 including tax). The deposit of the event must be paid with a major credit card (Visa, Master Card, Amex). The deposit will be refunded within 24 hours of event and each participant can be billed individually or as a group when they arrive. We ONLY accept debit, and all credit cards. We do not carry cash nor do transactions with cash or coin. Please note the deposit will be fully refunded as long as you arrive for your booking, do not cancel within 48 hours of your reservation or leave any excessive damage to the facility and the equipment.

How long will we be there?

A usual booking at Stryke takes from 2.5-3 hours depending on the size of your group. Corporate and other special events can choose to make arrangements for a longer time slot

How does a STRYKE booking work?

Your Coach will be with you for the duration of your event and will give each person individual instruction and safety protocols to make sure everyone has a great time. Once everyone gets the hang of it, your coach will organize a tournament where one member of your party will be crowned the victor! The Coach will take care of the scoring and everything else in relation to the tournament. No need to stress about the details. Just come prepared to have a great time.

What should I wear?

The only restriction we have in terms of dress is that you must wear closed-toed shoes. Sandals are not permitted. We recommend casual clothing that does not restrict your movement.

Can we bring food?

Absolutely! Yes, you can. We have a concession stand on site that sells some snacks and drinks. At the time of your arrival, we can help arrange pizza delivery. Or you can have your favourite restaurant deliver to our facility.

Can I bring my own axe?

Yes. However, axes must be of hatchet size. Please present upon arrival to confirm usability or email us a picture. League members are encouraged to bring their own axes/hatchets/tomahawks for league or practise during walk-ins.

Can I bring my own bow?

Yes, but all outside archery equipment must be presented upon entry and inspected by your coach. All long bows, recurve bows must be safely transported, unstrung and in an appropriate carrying bag or case. Compound bows can remain strung, however, MUST be transported in appropriate carrying case.

How old do I have to be?

Although we don’t have a strict age to participate, we generally say 16 and over for throwing lanes. For our archery lanes, minimum 12 years of age. All under 16 years of age participants have to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Do you provide instruction?

Yes. Each group will have a coach that will help teach you how to use which ever tool you choose.

Do you have a league night?

Yes, we have an Axe League, Knife Throwing League, an Archery League AND Tour de STRYKE League a which run 8-weeks straight. Fall session starts Monday September 25, 2017 at both the Toronto location and Brampton location. All three leagues are between 7pm-10pm [3-hours duration]
More details on schedule and pricing visit our Leagues page.

Do you have a Mobile Unit?

Yes we have a Mobile Unit that can travel the Greater Toronto Area! Events offered via our Mobile Unit include Archery, Axe Throwing & Knife Throwing. Please inquire at 1-855-4-STRYKE about our Mobile Unit pricing.

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