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Strömgatan 18, Stockholm, Sweden
(+46) 322.170.71

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What are your hours of operation?

We are open by Booking Only unless stated in our Walk-In Schedule

Hours to make a Group Booking:

Weekdays: 12pm – 12am
Weekends: 10am – 12am

Walk-In Hours ($20/person/hour)

Weekday’s: 1pm-4pm … Axes / Knives OR Archery only.
Friday: 6-10pm … Axes / Knives ONLY
Saturday: 4-10pm … Axes / Knives ONLY
Sunday: Only available during Group Bookings. Please call us about availability at 1-855-4-STRYKE.

How much does it cost?

Our standard event costs $39.82 a person ($45 a person including Tax) with a minimum group size of 4 for a single activity event (ArcheryAxes, or Knives). For a multiple activity event (Tour De STRYKEthe standard event charge is $49.56 a person ($56 a person including tax)

* Air Guns cannot be done in a single activity option. *

A $100.00 deposit is taken at the time of your booking online ($113 including tax). The deposit of the event must be paid with a major credit card (Visa, Master Card, Amex).
The deposit will be refunded within 24 hours of event and each participant can be billed individually or as a group when they arrive.

We ONLY accept debit, and all credit cards. We do not carry cash nor do transactions with cash or coin.

** Please note the deposit will be fully refunded as long as you arrive for your booking, do not cancel within 48 hours of your reservation or leave any excessive damage to the facility and the equipment. **

Do you have a Wait List?

For Walk-Ins we have a maximum of 15 people / half hour.

If you show up after the scheduled Walk-In times while bookings are ongoing you must purchase the Lane Rental of $40 / Lane + $10 / person for the hour IF Lanes are available. Your Lane Rental ends with the scheduled Group Booking end time unless advised otherwise.

Further hours result in additional payment.

How do I book?

You can make a booking by visiting the following webpage <here to book.>

You may also call about your booking if the FAQ section does not address any unique concerns or questions.

If you still need to get a hold of us, call us at 1-855-4-STRYKE.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations received two weeks prior to your scheduled event will be fully refunded or can be re-scheduled at no additional charge.
No refunds of the security deposit will be given for events cancelled within two weeks and up to 48 hours prior to the event.
Your event may be re-scheduled at no additional cost for a future reservation within 8 months of the original reserved date scheduled.
Cancellations within 48 hours of your scheduled booking time and no-shows on day of booking will NOT be refunded the deposit, nor can it be used towards a future booking.

Do you sell Gift Certificates?
YES! We have them available in denominations of $10/$25/$50/$100
We also have Walk-in passes in denominations of $20 each.
Both are available for purchase either location pick-up only. [We do not mail out hardcopies nor email digital versions]
How does a Booking Work?

Your Coach will be with you for the duration of your event (2.5 – 3 hours) and will give each person individual instruction, as well as safety protocols to make sure everyone has a great time.

Once everyone gets the hang of it, your coach will organize a tournament where a member of your party will be crowned the victor!

The Coach will take care of the scoring and everything else in relation to the tournament. No need to stress about the details. Just come prepared to have a great time!

How long will we be there?

typical booking at STRYKE takes from 2.5-3 hours depending on the size of your group.
Corporate and other special events can choose to make arrangements for a longer time slot.

Can I book Just the Air-guns as a single activity?

No. Air Guns can only be done via our Tour de STRYKE event style.

What should we wear?

The only restriction we have in terms of dress is that YOU MUST WEAR CLOSED-TOED SHOES! 
Sandals are not permitted. We recommend casual clothing that does not restrict your movement.

Do I need to book in advance?

We require you to book a minimum of 48 hours before your desired event in order to schedule Coaches for your party.

You can make a booking by visiting the following webpage <here to book.>

You may also call about any concerns about your booking, but we suggest you check out our entire FAQ section before calling.

If you still need to get a hold of us, call us at 1-855-4-STRYKE.

Can we bring food?

Absolutely! Yes, you can.

We have a concession stand on site that sells some snacks and drinks.

At the time of your arrival, we can help arrange pizza delivery; or you can have your favourite restaurant deliver to our facility.

Can I bring my own axe?

Yes. However, axes must be of hatchet size (14″-18″).

Please present upon arrival to confirm usability or email us a picture.

League members are encouraged to bring their own axes/hatchets/tomahawks for league or practice during walk-ins.

Can I bring my own Air Gun?

No, under zero circumstances are you allowed to bring your personal Air Guns to STRYKE.

Can I bring my own bow?

Yes, but all outside archery equipment must be presented upon entry and inspected by your coach.

All long bows, re-curve bows must be safely transported, unstrung and in an appropriate carrying bag or case.

Compound bows can remain strung, however, MUST be transported in appropriate carrying case.

Distance of your Archery Ranges?

Brampton & Toronto [Yorkdale] 69 feet [21.0312 meters] or [23 yards]

How many people can fit in your archery ranges at one time?
Brampton: with 3 sections, we can fit up to 3-to-4 archers in each [up to 12 archers]
Toronto:with 3 sections, we can fit up to 3-to-4 archers in each [up to to 12 archers]
What are the requirements to participate / how old must one be?

Although we don’t have a strict age to participate, we generally say 16 and over for throwing lanes.

For our archery lanes, minimum 12 years of age.

All participants under 16 years of age  have to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

General rule of thumb for height to use the facilities equipment safely is 5 feet.

Do you provide instruction?

Yes. Each group will have a coach that will help teach you how to use which ever tool you choose.

How do Walk-Ins Work?
Can I do a Walk-In Exclusive for Archery?

Archery is NOT available for a Walk-in exclusive, only Axes and Knives.

Can I do a Walk-In Exclusive for Axe/Knife Throwing?

Yes, only if Lanes are available and during an on-going booking. Please call us at 1-855-478-7953 to see if you can do a Lane Exclusive.

What are your Walk-In Hours?
Weekday’s (Monday – Friday):  1pm-4PM at both locations for Archery OR Axe/Knife Throwing.
Friday: 6pm-10pm at both locations (Axe/Knife ONLY!)
Saturday: 4pm-10pm at both locations (Axe/Knife ONLY!)Q: How much is a Walk-In?
It is $20/hour/person for either Archery or Axe/Knife Throwing.
Where are your TWO locations?

240 Clarence Street, Unit #5 Brampton ON L6W 1T4

Parking at the Brampton location 240 Clarence Street is FREE.
There is lots of space available shared in the lot.


103 Orfus Road – Unit #1 Toronto ON M6A 1M4

Parking at the Toronto location 103 Orfus Road, Unit #1:
There is lots of space available in the shared parking at the rear end of the building.

Where do we park?

Parking at the Brampton location 240 Clarence Street is FREE.
There is lots of space available shared in the lot.

Parking at the Toronto YORKDALE location #1-103 Orfus Rd is FREE. There is lots of space available shared in the lot.

Can we drink at your facilities?

You are allowed to buy alcohol at our Brampton location (LLBO). It is illegal for “BYOB” events, unless your group has obtained a Special Occasions Permit (Toronto only) and correctly follow the procedures at our Toronto Location.

Is there Heating & Air Conditioning?

Yes both of our facilities have Heating & Air Conditioning!

How many lanes are at each facility?

Brampton (10,000 sq. ft.)
Axe / Knives : 12 lanes
Archery : 8 lanes (can be extended to 11 for facility rentals)
Air Guns : 1-2 lanes

Toronto [YORKDALE] (10,000 sq. ft.)
Axe / Knives : 12 lanes 
Archery :
 12 lanes
Air Guns : 1-
2 lanes

Do you have a League Night?

Yes we do, these include our:

  • Axe League
  • Archery League
  • Knife League
  • Tour De STRYKE League (all 3)

The leagues run in 8 week sessions. Same night every week for your league!

Our Summer League is currently in session at both the Toronto & Brampton locations.

>>More details on schedule and pricing visit our Leagues page.<<

When does the League start?

Our Summer League will Start in  June 2018 at both the Toronto & Brampton locations. Sign-up NOW to save 25% with the Early Bird Special
>>More details on schedule and pricing visit our Leagues page.<<

What time does the League Night start?

Regardless which league you are in, start time at 7pm continuing until 10pm.

The Leagues are action packed and a great networking opportunity!

How many weeks is the League?

The League is 8-weeks long, same night every week.
New this Summer, Knife League has expanded to 2-days of the week at both locations. Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Tuesdays are Conventional/Rotational Knife throwing and Wednesdays are No-spin and Conventional. This format allows league members to attend either or both based on their schedule or interests in Conventional or No-spin throwing.

How do I register for the League Night?

>>Visit our League Page for Early Bird Sign-up<<

Keep in mind when registering click the desired league with the city location prefix…

Example: BRAM-Knife Throwing League
or        TOR-Knife Throwing League

You would simply choose BRAM for the Brampton location & TOR for the Toronto location.

Where can I find my group pictures?

You can find your group pictures on our >> Facebook Page by clicking here <<and don’t forget to like our page for upcoming events and promotions!

Group pictures are found in the month you had your booking and browse from there!

How do I recover lost items?

Please give us a call at 1-855-478-7953 or E-mail us about your lost item, we hold items for 2 weeks to be claimed by their owners.

When do we get our deposit back?

Deposits are given back 24 hours after you show up for your booking.

If you do not cancel within 48 hours of your reservation or leave any excessive damage to the facility and the equipment.

Where can I follow your Social Media Accounts?

more than just axe throwing.

join us for your next event

Everyone was friendly. We had a great time and will definitely be back!


We all had a great experience at the Brampton location. We will def go again.


Probably the best team building corporate event venue I have ever been to. Why?! Because it was so fun, interactive and casual.




240 Clarence Street, Unit #5 Brampton ON L6W 1T4

103 Orfus Road, Unit #1, Toronto ON, M6A 1M4

1-855-4-STRYKE (787953)


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