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Thank you for your interest in STRYKE Target Range!

1) We are only open for bookings by appointment, unless stated on our Walk-In page here.

2) A booking typically includes 3 hours of play time. A personal coach is assigned to each group to train participants. After guests are comfortable with the activity, the coach will lead a group tournament to crown a champion.

3) You can pick to experience 1 activity or the Tour de STRYKE (3 activities). You get 3 hours either way.

4) The cost for one activity is $39.82 plus tax ($45) per person and the cost for Tour de STRYKE is $49.56 plus tax ($56) per person.

5) A $100 deposit is required to book the lane and will be refunded on the day of the event. You can then pay on the day of the event individually or as a group.

6) We require a minimum of a group of 4 to book a head-to-head dual lane. If there are fewer than 4 in your group you can book but will be required to pay the 4 person rate.

7) Please book as early as possible as spots do get filled up quickly. If you are looking to book last minute, please give us a call at 1-855-4-STRYKE to check availability.

8) Cancellations received two weeks prior to your scheduled event will be fully refunded or can be re-scheduled at no additional charge.
No refunds of the security deposit will be given for events cancelled within two weeks and up to 48 hours prior to the event.
Your event may be re-scheduled at no additional cost for a future reservation within 8 months of the original reserved date scheduled.
Cancellations within 48 hours of your scheduled booking time and no-shows on day of booking will NOT be refunded their deposit, nor can re-use it towards a future booking.

Choose your activity below and Book Now!

The object is to chuck an axe at a target and make it stick. A favorite backyard and cottage pastime that you can now do indoors in the comfort of our one-of-a-kind facility at Stryke

The cost is $39.82 plus tax per person. BOOK NOW

The object is to throw a knife at a target and make it stick. This is an art, a sport and a combat skill that takes dedication to master. If you ever dreamed of being a ninja, this may be as close as you’ll get. The first time you nail a bulls-eye throwing knives is a great feeling, and well-worth the practice.

The cost is $39.82 plus tax per person. BOOK NOW

The object is to shoot an arrow and hit a target. This ancient sport is great for boosting your mental and physical health. Whether you’re feeling like Legolas picking off orcs in Middle Earth or Katniss Everdeen bringing down fighter jets from the Capital, mastering archery is a precision skill that gives much satisfaction.

The cost is $39.82 plus tax per person. BOOK NOW

Introducing Tour de Stryke, where you can try out all the activities we have to offer. Take a three hour tour with exclusive access to our short and long ranges. You have a choice of 3 out of 4 activities including archery, axe throwing, knife throwing and automatic air guns.

The cost is $49.56 per person. BOOK NOW

STRYKE Target Range offers TWO facilities to host your corporate event; Brampton and now downtown Toronto. Come visit either location to try out our axe throwing, knife throwing, archery and air guns ranges, while enjoying the game and refreshments.

For more info, click here.

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