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A traditional weapon and tool of the Algonquin people, the first tomahawks were crafted with stone heads and were later adapted with iron after first contact with Europeans in the early 17thcentury. The tomahawk was made famous by great warriors such as Tecumseh, chief of the Shawneepeople who used it to help the British defeat the United States during the war of 1812. Warriors likeTecumseh were able to hit moving targets with pin-point accuracy at great distances. Can you equal the skill of the great Tecumseh?

Throwing Knives

Although knives have been used as a throwing weapon by many cultures for thousands of years, it is commonly agreed upon that the Japanese Bo-Shuriken was the first dagger designed specifically for the purpose of throwing at an enemy. The history of this weapon is shrouded in mystery as it originates from the secretive societies of ancient ninjas who kept very few records. Now used in many forms of martial arts, the throwing knife is meant to be thrown in multiple numbers in quick succession and from short distances to incapacitate an enemy before they are able to reach you. Masters of this art form are able to hit several targets, while running from distances of up to 30 feet. What can you do standing still?

The Bow and Arrow

The bow is amongst the oldest weapons in the world, dating to the time of prehistory more than10,000 years ago. Until the advent of firearms, the bow and arrow were the go to projectile weapon combo for both hunters and warriors in nearly every civilization throughout history. Many variations of bows have been used by great warriors and hunters throughout history to such as the first composite bow crafted out of horn, wood and animal sinew by nomadic Asian tribes like the Mongolian hordes of Genghis Kahn or the English Longbow first used in large numbers to defeat mounted French knights during the Hundred Years War. In ancient times, archery was considered an art form that took years of practice and dedication to perfect, and thus archers of old would begin to learn their craft from the early stages of childhood. For thousands of years, being an archer was not a pastime, but a lifestyle. Do you have what it takes to match the skill of the archers of old?

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